Bush, Mccain has the nerve to attack us for supporting Obama

Armed with a search warrant, the Washington Parish Sheriff Office Drug Task Force, accompanied by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, searched a Bogalusa residence at 802 Avenue C on March 20. Slightly less than one kilo of methamphetamine was seized, along with a smaller amount of marijuana. The resident, Aaron Bertram Johnson, 42, was arrested and transported to the Washington Parish Jail..

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Canada Goose Jackets When my father died, my mother and I hosted a post memorial get together at her home. Each of my parents‘ many friends and acquaintances brought a casserole. Mom’s refrigerator was always full, so there was no room after the seventh casserole. It would also help to play chess and know a lot about psychology and we’ve never had a president with that background. Absent that background (which precludes substantial domestic policy experience) what you need is someone who can choose excellent advisers, know how to listen and analyze incoming information,have insatiable curiousity, read his briefing papers carefully, get a variety of opinions including those which disagree with his own, be patient and cool under pressure and be willing to take risks when essential. It seems to me Obama, more than any other candidate has shown us all of those traits. Canada Goose Jackets

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